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Smart Water Quality Sensor

Doing Work That Matters…Why?

At the end of this blog post I will ask for a contribution to fund the development of the water quality device in the image above. I hope you contribute. Whether you do or not, please read the post and share. I’ve been told I do not ask for what I want and I bury the lede. Not this time. A few months ago, after a great conversation with designers at Axis Design, Continue Reading


The One Missing Ingredient In Connected Home Products

My 3.5 year old son, while having breakfast this morning, ordered Alexa to play a ‘Bob The Builder’ song. That’s his world now; voice activated need satisfaction… The voice controlled product that is Amazon’s Echo has, hands down, been the most successful of the connected home devices released in the last few years. Apart from the Echo, it’s no secret that the average consumer segment of connected home devices hasn’t Continue Reading


Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence = Our Future

When I was a scrawny little chap, shortest in my high school class, I always wanted a super power. Wanted doesn’t capture the feeling. I would have given a limb for a super power. I read a lot of books back then (and now) and landed on a super power that had something to do with the brain. I eventually landed on Prof. Xavier of the X-Men. I wanted to Continue Reading